Graduated October 2015 with Gold honor cords and red cords for being an Ambassador. 

My name is Toshia Brown and I am a graduate of Everest University with an Associates degree in Computer Programming and a minor in mathematics. I am a dental assistant. I have been in dentistry for 12 years now and I love it along with computers and technology. While in school I maintain an A average with a 3.9 GPA. I was asked to be part of a program while in school to be a mentor to my fellow students at the university. I am an Ambassador. After I graduated from school, I still wanted to help kids that were in need of math assistance. I started tutoring kids struggling with Pre - Algebra, Algebra I, II, Basic Math, etc. What stands me out then all the other math tutors? I listen to the students and I let them teach me what they learned from school or from me. I start by breaking down the subject that they are needing help in and explain the areas of their problem. The main thing I want the students to do is ask me questions or why because that lets me know that they are listening and learning what I am teaching them.I will tutor elementary and middle school students. I can do high school as well. I'm not a genius, I am a tutor what loves math and want to share my knowledge. I am here to help your child make sense of MATH!