Subjects that we offer

You can click on the subjects to get a better understanding of your child's subject

  • Geometry                                                                     
  •  Social Studies                                    Phonics 
  • Pre - Algebra                                       Sight Words
  • Math I, II, III                                           Reading Comprehension
  • Spelling                                                  Spanish (Summer ONLY) 
  • Basic Math                                           Writing
  • Trigonometry                                      Science
  • Other                                                     English

All our services are face to face

  • This is a session we can connect with the student and get a feel of they way they take notes and listen and follow instructions. Also we will have notes for the student and worksheets for them to take home and review and study. We want them to ask questions because the more you ask the more knowledge you will have about your math. We might make little games for them to make it fun because math can be boring but we want them to learn and have fun with it.

Price:  Sight Words $25 for 45 minutes

            Reading all grades $35 for 1 hour

            Math $40 for all Students for 1 hour

            Science $40 for all students for 1 hour

            Social Studies $35 for all students for 1 hour

            Spanish $30 (2 sessions 30 minutes a piece)

            Combine 2 subjects $70 for 90 minutes

             Summer Tutoring - prices varies

            ***If your child is failing a class subject we offer a SPECIAL until they pull up that grade      

            Online help call us (homework and/or up coming test) - $60

Payments are due in FULL with cash or a credit card with a 5% processing fee